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Candles by Renowayoflife

Jasmine Illumination Wax Warmer

Jasmine Illumination Wax Warmer

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Experience the soothing ambience of a lit candle without the flame, soot, or other pollutants.

The Jasmine Illumination Max Warmer is designed to release rich, captivating fragrances using a halogen bulb.

Heating wax melts in an elegantly shaped dish, this warmer spreads your chosen aroma throughout the room, creating a serene and inviting setting.

Crafted with a stunning quatrefoil pattern against a sleek grey crackle glaze, this piece doubles as an alluring home décor, adding a dash of elegance to your living space.

Add wax melts to the dish, switch it on, and sit back as your favourite fragrance gently wafts through your home.

Pick your favourite scent or a selection from our wax melt collection. 

Add a large flip disk for easy cleaning.

The Jasmine Illumination Electric Fragrance Warmer is compatible with Australian power points.

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