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Silicone Flip disk - Small

Silicone Flip disk - Small

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Introducing our simplified way to enjoy your wax warmer - the Silicone Wax Warmer Flip Disk.

Crafted from durable, heat-resistant silicone, it's purposed for endless reuse, withstanding numerous heating cycles while retaining its flexibility.

The Silicone Flip Disk brings a breath of fresh air into your home fragrancing process, eliminating the need for scraping old wax from your warmers.

Place it in your warming dish, add your favourite wax and enjoy. When it's time for a scent change, just wait for the wax to cool and easily pop it out.

Measuring 1" tall, 2.5" diameter at top, 2" diameter at the top and base, respectively, this product maintains the aesthetic integrity of your vintage, classic illumination, illuminate, and 2-in-1 warmer.

The white silicone design doesn't distract from your charming home decor but subtly fits into any home style.

Notice: Silicone may change its colour upon repeated use with coloured wax. This is a normal phenomenon that doesn't affect the product's functionality. Hand-poured and sourced from Australia, the Silicone Wax Warmer Flip Disk brings an easy, aesthetically pleasing, and reusable solution to your home fragrance routine

 List of pluggable Melt Warmers which fit the Small Flips.

  • Serenity, Honeycomb turquoise, African Lily, Brushed Chrome, Bless this Home, Birchwood, Rustic White, Live Love Laugh, Chai, Damask, Cayenne, Follow your Dreams, Peppercorn, Love you to the Moon, Harmony, Indigo, Medallion, Owl & Rainstorm.

*Not suitable for use in tea light burners.

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